Dance Diary #1: How to Be a Beginner (video)

A new feature on Follow My Lead – dance diary videos!

In between producing webisodes in which I’ll try out new dance styles, I also wanted to have a way to talk to you on a regular basis about dance ideas and tips that come up during my day-to-day dance experiences. I’ll still be writing blog posts, but I also want to have video posts as well.

So, here’s my first dance diary video. It was inspired by a recent beginner hip hop class I took with a friend of mine. After class, we talked about typical frustrations that we’ve faced when taking beginner classes in styles we’re not familiar with. As much as we both get a great deal of joy out of dancing, we’ve also had our share of annoyed/frustrated/angry dance experiences.

If you’ve ever felt the same, here’s some encouragement for getting through your next beginner dance experience: