An Announcement about Follow My Lead!

Well, hello there!!

I have been awfully quiet about my life lately. The last you heard I was dancing my heart out in Havana! And I felt like so many of you were right there WITH me, for all of the ups – and the downs.

So after a joyful, challenging, fascinating and eye-opening year in Cuba, I returned to the US around Christmas.

Since then I’ve been keeping to myself a bit. I didn’t realize how hard the transition would be. How much I would feel the loss of my life in Havana, even as I knew it was the right time to leave.

BUT, I’ve also been quiet because I’ve been hard at work at something that I’m really excited to share with you! In the last few months of my time in Havana, I discovered an amazing film crew (the very talented FireSoul Media) and we started filming my experiences studying dance in Cuba.

So, COMING SOON: the Follow My Lead: Havana web series!

I always intended to document my experiences in order to pitch my travel/dance TV show concept upon my return (AKA my dream job). But, everything fell into place to start telling the story of my year as a dancer-traveler NOW.

The series features six short episodes that give you a peek into what I was doing in Cuba for so long! The dance challenges I set for myself, the different styles I explored, and the lessons I learned along the way.

It will also give you a glimpse into why so many of us fall in love with Cuba – the dancing, the music and the people. Cuba is a fascinating country – its dance and music culture in particular has contributed so much to the world. I hope this series helps in some small way to encourage more appreciation of this powerful and beautiful place that I was lucky enough to call home.

So, keep connected with me on Facebook or on Instagram (@melissadances) and please stay tuned for the release of Follow My Lead: Havana!

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