Making Time to Dance

I’m a little nervous. I’ve just started a new job which will entail more hours and a lot of travel. My schedule is not going to be as flexible as it has been for the last several years.

So, of course, the big question is, when will I dance?

I don’t know exactly. But I know I have to make the time.

I’m happy and grateful that I have a well-paying job that challenges me intellectually, with people who I genuinely enjoy working with.

But it’s also easy to let a seductive career track distract you from your path. It takes discipline to listen to your head and still follow your heart.

I’ll need to be vigilant about taking advantage of free time to dance and to continue with this project. It’ll mean cutting out a lot of fluff. When I’m home I need to be spending time on the things that matter most to me. That will likely mean date nights with my husband and focusing on Follow My Lead, along with good doses of rest.

It will take discipline. A lot of nights (and weekends) I will probably just want to veg out. I’ll need to be honest with myself about identifying truly needed rest and lazy zombie couch time.

It will be worth it. This dream is pulling, pushing, poking and prodding at me. It won’t let me ignore it or forget it. I have to do it.

But it helps to write it, to promise it, to you.

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